How to Setup Recurring Rental Payments

Beginning July 1st, all rental payments for use of space in the building should be made to the Grapevine Collective, as contributions via the Open Collective platform.

If you are already familiar with Open Collective, and you/your organization have an account — feel free to setup a recurring payment using this form:

Note: This form allows for several different modes of payment, including: Debit card, credit card, ACH transfer or even manual bank account transfer.

Otherwise, the easiest way to get started is by following these steps:

  1. Create a personal account on Open Collective (this will allow you to login, and create a profile for your Organization). Use this link to create a personal account:
  2. Once logged in via your personal account, create a profile for your Organization. To learn why you would do that, and how to set one up, see this article:
  3. Finally, use this form to setup a recurring contribution to the Grapevine Collective on behalf of your organization:

Why can’t I just slide a check under the office door?

The fiscal host that the Grapevine Collective currently works with enacts a substantial (8%) fee on processing handwritten checks, as they require a lot more overhead than processing online payments. For this reason, we are only allowing payment via the Open Collective platform, which is easy and conveniently provides your organization with an invoice as soon as the payment is processed.

I’m having trouble getting this setup, who should I contact?

Reach out with any questions to