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Want to do more? We’re a volunteer run collective.

Solidarity leads to Justice 

We support mutual aid projects and survival programs that help keep our neighbors alive and connected to our community.

Wholeness leads to Abundance

We work with artists, healers, and spiritual communities to breathe new life into our neighborhood.

Presence creates Resilience

We are transforming an underutilized church building into a sustainable and cooperative ecosystem of healing justice projects in South Minneapolis.

A collective future for the Walker Church building!

The Grapevine Collective is a budding organization of community members who have each been involved in different projects and communities housed at 3104 16th Ave.

We are the community we’ve been looking for…

We partner with grassroots, community-minded organizations and organizers who are based in our neighborhood.

Our Mission

We leverage underutilized gathering spaces to cultivate a cooperative ecosystem of healing justice projects in South Minneapolis so that our communities can become whole.

Our Vision

We believe in a world that has the inborn ability to heal itself. We must create the conditions for that healing by practicing solidarity that leads to justice, wholeness that leads to abundance, and presence that creates an imagination for a resilient future.

Get Involved

The Grapevine Collective needs your help! Financial contributions, volunteer hours, ideas for naming the building — there are so many ways to get involved and support healing justice projects in South Minneapolis.